Real Broker Connection
Connecting homebuyers to real estate agents and loan officers.
Vetted Agent Program
The agent has been vetted through a 3-part process to ensure a good fit for our loan officer partners.
Real Estate Vetting Forms and Home Buyers Connected.

Real Broker Connection

Connecting real estate agents and loan officers.

  • No More cold calling, walking into offices or lunch and learns.
  • Vetted Real Estate Agent Forms - Productive Buyer Agents Delivered to Your In-Box That Want To Talk To You.
  • Website That Connects Homebuyers to Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers.
  • Discounted Mortgage and Real Estate Lead Packages.
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Real Estate Agent Program

The agent has been vetted through a 3-part process to ensure a good fit for our loan officer partners.  ( Must be a member of Real Broker Connection to access vetted real estate agents. )

Working With A Real Estate Agent And Home Buyer


The real estate agent Introductory vetting forms are designed to remove the hassle, wasted time and save the lender money prospecting for real estate agents to build professional relationships. Real Broker Connection sifts through and vets thousands of agents to deliver productive real estate agents interested in a new lender relationship directly to your inbox or mobile phone.

The agents are interested in having their profile, contact info and individual websites added to Real Broker Connection is online and marketed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook utilizing SEO and PPC marketing in your local area for people searching for homes, agents and loan officers to help them purchase a home. Traditionally the prospects start their search on Real Broker Connection by clicking on a agents site looking at houses for sale. Contact the agent about viewing a home, and at that point, the agent refers the client to the loan officer for a mortgage pre-approval letter.

The agents are open to new lenders and have agreed for our loan officer partners to contact them about the program and their lending products and practices. If both parties agree that it is a good fit and they want to begin working together, the agent will benefit from the exposure to home buyers in their marketplace and refer clients seeking a mortgage referral over to our loan officer partners. Many lenders also purchase home buyer and mortgage pre-approval leads as an extra incentive to send clients seeking to buy a house for their real estate agent relationships.

As soon as the agent hits the submit button on the vetting form, they will receive an email and text alerting them of our loan officer partner. The loan officer will also receive notification of who the agent is and their desire to connect via email and text message. The agents may reach out to you. The best practice is for you to reach out and contact the agent immediately upon receipt of the vetting form completed by the agent.

It is critical that the loan officer take this opportunity to interview the agent and determine if they are a good fit. Loan officers this is your marketing program and taking the time to meet the agent and discuss their current situation, business goals and their willingness to refer clients in need of financing to our loan officer partners are crucial to the success of your agent vetting program. Ask for a referral for any client that needs to be pre-approved or get a mortgage quote on an existing contract in your first meeting. Discuss the website and ask if they are willing to refer clients that contact them about buying a home that also needs mortgage financing. Talk about other business the agents have and what you can do to be a mortgage source for those clients.

The real estate agents are not required to refer any mortgage business to be part of the program. The lenders are not required to refer any real estate business to the real estate agent. It is entirely up to the lender which agents remain as a premium member on Real Broker Connection. Choose wisely and be selective with whom you build your business relationships. You can add your own current real estate agent relationships to Real Broker Connection as an added benefit. We are always marketing for agents, and you will have many to select and meet to develop your real estate agent relationships. This program is designed to connect like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals to build productive relationships.

Vetted real estate introductory forms should all be called, texted and emailed multiple times to increase your conversion and ROI.