Chip Walton and Richard Tocado Partner Up

Chip Walton and Richard Tocado Partner Up

Chip Waltonchip walton, owner of Walton Premier Real Estate at Keller Williams and Richard Tocado, owner RBC, have formed a new partnership. The vision of this new partnership is for Chip to build an expansive business throughout the United States using the Keller Williams models and systems.

Chip Walton fully intends to go national with this concept and has already began the process. It creates an unprecedented opportunity for lenders to build relationships and work with some of the best realtors in the business.

We are looking for lenders that want to fuel the lead program and work with highly motivated buyer agents. There are a small percentage of agents that can benefit a lender on a shared lead program which RBC delivers each and every day. Chip Walton’s program manages agents and holds them accountable for their activities. Lenders – don’t miss out on this unique and profitable opportunity. Join the program now before it’s too late! Call 704-909-3899 or email to learn more or visit

Call Us : 704 909 3899

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